Collection: Team Donation - UP Track and Field Team (Men's and Women's Team)

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UP TFT Donation Portal

The UP Track and Field athletes are the champions for some events in the Philippine Athletics Championships, and some of them are the record holders for their main events. We would like to set more records in this upcoming competition. And with your support, we will surely be on our way to achieving that goal.

We would be grateful if you would be able to provide us our budget of Two Hundred Eighty-One Thousand and Seven Hundred Fifty Pesos Only (P 281,750.00). Since the venue is nowhere near the Isabela Sports Complex, we have decided to avail dorm-type accommodations near the venue. The cheapest one we could find is the Department of Agriculture, located in Cabanatuan, Isabela. And based on experience from the previous competitions, this will be beneficial for our athletes since we will not be affected by the traffic going to and from the competition venue. We will be allocating food and accommodations for 29 athletes (16 men and 13 women), 5 coaches, and 1 team manager, for a total of 35 people. They will be checked in a day ahead of the competition, from March 20 to 27, 2023. The breakdown for the food and accommodations is as follows:


- 35 x P300 per night = P 10,500.00
- P10,500.00 x 7 days = P 73,500


- 35 x P850.00 per day = P 29,750.00
- P29,750.00 x 7 days = P 208, 750

Total Amount: P 281,750.00

With your continuous support, we are sure to be on our way to achieving our goals for this coming Philippine Athletics Championships. We hope to have our request be greeted with a positive response by you and your office in hopes that we will be able to push through. This will be vital for our team to repeat our Championships. We aim to get another trophy for our beloved school and give it another reason to be proud.